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Eleonore Valère

danser, choreograaf
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Eleonore Valère
rue de flandre,121
1000 Bruxelles
Date of birth :07/12/1979
CV period 2007/2000
2007/ January :
-create "On friskin" piece for 6 dancers for Tanciskola group ,Synfonia tour
            December :
-teach a workhop in CDC in Toulouse (France)
           October :
-international tour of "Synfonia Eroica" by Michèle Anne de Mey"
           June/Jully/August/ September:
-teach in several international schools and festivals :Tanciskola Budapest(Hungary) directed by Ivan Angelus,S.E.A.D in Salzburg (Austria) directed by S. Quinn,in Jette center in Brussels directed by Roxane Huilmand ,international workshop in Tortosa (Spain),directed by Roberto Olivan ,company DOT 504 in Prague (Tchèque republic),Terpsichore 24th international festival in Antwerpen(Belgium)...
           May :
-Work for William Forsyth for the piece"Human writes"
           January/february/march :
- world tour of "Synfonia Eroica" ,teaching in budapest
           December :
-Anton Lachky's assistant for the creation "Heaven in the place "created in Prague for DOT 504 company.
-European tour of Synfonia Eroica ,teach in Budapest .
           March/June :
-Creation of "Synfonia Eroica by Michèle Anne de Mey for Charleroi danse .
           January/march :
-"Figis" created by Jean Abreu in London .UK tour , european tour .
            January :
-Anton Lachky' s assistant for the piece " Inner eye",created in Banska Bystrica (Slovakia) .
2004/2005 :
-Member of Ultima Vez company directed by Wim Wandekeybus,
-Tour of  "Les Porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles",created by Wim Wandekeybus
2004/ June :
-Graduated from the school PARTS directed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker .
-Creation of three duets in collaboration with american artist Justin Garrick , tour in Frankfurt , Paris , Brussels.
-receive the scholarship from Ministere de la Culture in France for her study abroad -obtain a degree in Philosphie in University Paris X
Follow a cranio sacral therapy course and Body mind centering course since 2006